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LaVar Ball Claims LaMelo Doesn't Seek Out Advice From Michael Jordan Because 'When's The Last Time He Won A Championship'

LaVar's got a point here. That MJ fella? When's the last time he won? 1998? Yeah, that's forever ago. Impossible to learn from someone who hasn't won a title since Clinton was in office. Might as well go to the likes of JR Smith or Delly. They at least won a title this decade. They are the type of dudes you want advice from. Not this baseball player turned basketball player like MJ. 

But we're talking about LaVar here. The man is a borderline genius in the sense of making things work. He's got 3 sons playing pro basketball, two of which are pretty damn good. This is just going to convince MJ to suit up for the Hornets. Add another wing in today's game where he can defend and get to the rim? Genius. LaMelo needs another running partner and added depth to the Hornets. This is how you do it. What better candidate do they have? Some G League player or Michael Jordan? Think the answer is pretty clear here. 

I know LaVar just makes outlandish statements like this all the time, but this is MJ we're talking about. The dude is a lunatic and I say that as a compliment. He might be the most competitive person in the world. There's no doubt he's going to see this quote, joke or not, and run with it. I fully expect within the next week we hear about a meeting with MJ and LaMelo or that MJ suited up at practice. If Brady can still be this good are we sure MJ can't?