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Baby Steps: It Only Took Four Years For The NCAA To Investigate Auburn Basketball And Completely Embarrass Itself

Gotta hand it to the NCAA and I truly mean that. What other organization can investigate a program for 4 years and come up with the punishment of ...... Bruce Pearl getting suspended 2 games, a minimal fine, some probation and accepting Auburn's self-punishment of no NCAA Tournament a year ago. Really gotta hand it to them. It's tough to embarrass yourself like that even when Auburn found the loophole and 'self-punished' itself knowing they weren't a good team last year. Genius move that you have to respect. 

And it's not even like Pearl is missing two important games. Nebraska and North Alabama! Chuck Person, you know the guy who was accused of taking money to funnel players to certain financial managers, got hit with a 10 year show-cause. That makes sense but it also has no impact on Auburn. 

Remember this is what the FBI said: 

September of 2017. I was still working in an office. That's how long it's been when the FBI stood there and made everyone scared. In fact the playbook was, well, nothing. So far here's what happened. Louisville lost the 2013 title, Rick Pitino got fired (and then hired at Iona), Oklahoma State and Auburn both got hit with one-year NCAA Tournament bans. The other schools - Louisville, Kansas, Arizona, LSU and NC State - are waiting still because they are going through the IARP which was created by the NCAA. Hell of a playbook there fellas. 

The fact is it took FOUR years for this to come down. That makes no sense. All this just to say 'yeah uhh, we guess this was enough. Here's 2 games for Pearl.' Absolutely no rhyme or reason for punishments the NCAA hands out. I assume there's a group sitting in a room with a giant wheel they spin to figure out what the punishment will be.