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Just When You Thought Chase Claypool's Night Couldn't Have Got Any Worse He Goes Out And Blames A Teammate

"The ball got knocked out of my hands...that's what costs us time."

Is this guy in loser denial or something? I mean what world does Claypool live in? The audacity to celebrate a first down when you're losing by 8 with 30 seconds left in the game and no timeouts and THEN blame your teammate Trai Turner who was coming over to put an end to your childish BS to try to get the ball back to be set??? I would say I'm shocked, but honestly and unfortunately I'm not because it's Chase Claypool we're talking about. 

Seriously look at the full replay of it. Trai Turner runs over because he, like the rest of us is thinking, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?! Muth has to go pick up the ball that squirts away because he's keeping his composure. Then when they finally get the ball set and spike it, Claypool has a freakout on the field to which another rookie Najee Harris comes over to try to calm him down. 

Big Ben after the game was asked about Claypool and whether or not he talked with him about his behavior. His response?

Yeah because Big Ben is almost 40 years old, has won two Super Bowls, and was playing in the NFL while Claypool was doing show & tell. Ben doesn't wanna deal with that, he's already got three kids at home. Just an all time bad night for Claypool and he could have made it a little better if he would have just came out after the game and said something along the lines of "hey i messed up, i gotta grow up and put the team first in that situation." instead, he puts the blame elsewhere.

C'mon man.