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Watching One-Armed Hansel Emmanuel Destroy Dudes On The Court Will Never Stop Being Ridiculous

I know I've blogged about Hansel Emmanuel before but it never gets old. Dude out here crossing guys up, splitting traps, hitting ridiculous threes and doing it all with one arm. No big deal. You can sit there and say force him left. Good luck. Dude just smokes people. Here's the backstory of how he lost his arm when he was 6 years old. (h/t Orlando Sentinel)

Donato Domínguez remembers as if it were yesterday the moment when his life changed forever. He was 6 years old when he was playing in his native Dominican Republic and a wall came down. He was trapped for almost two hours and it was his father who had to come to his rescue. That day he lost his left arm and with this the hope of playing baseball again, a sport that he practiced at that time.

He comes over to America, starts playing basketball in Florida and is now officially a Division I prospect. I can't stop laughing at this image. 

Three people trying to trap him and he just splits it. Again, it's easy to say force him left or take away his right hand. What's not easy is the fact he's a freak athletically who uses an inside-out dribble and gets to the rim. How do you stop that? You know what he's doing to do and he's still out here as a Division I prospect. 

Typically an angle with this sort of blog is going to be okay, he's alright. He's out there competing. NOPE. This dude is flat out dominating some games. He's taking over games. He's doing it against legit competition too. He's not playing a bunch of 5'3" dudes that pay $25,000 just to go to a high school. He's breaking out different moves. He's got a creative finish at the rim. He's clearly talented enough to get a Division I offer and I assume more will start coming in. Yeah, it's Tennessee State and a mid-major, but this kid is better at basketball than you.

Shout out Hansel Emmanuel.