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Mike Tomlin Is Fed Up With Chase Claypool's Nonsense

Reporter: Did you bench Chase Claypool for a while?

Tomlin: I did.

Reporter: After the penalty (unnecessary roughness)?

Tomlin: Yes. 

Reporter: The message...did you feel like it made a difference?

Tomlin: *shrugs* we'll see. 

Good for Coach T for benching him. He should have sat him down longer. Sure, he made some plays in the second half, but the only play that we're all going to talk about his Chase doing what we've become so accustomed to seeing from him: making an ass of himself at the cost of his team. 

Not only did the dude celebrate a first down with 36 seconds left and no timeouts costing the Steelers crucial seconds off the clock, but when veteran lineman Trai Turner ran over to stop him and get the ball to get to the official Claypool had some sort of temper tantrum about it. So what's more important, Chase? Your celebration getting stopped midway through or getting the ball back to be set to try to save as much time as possible? Just a bad, bad look all around. Talk about character development. I said in my recap blog that Claypool has become Nate from Ted Lasso. *Spoilers if you haven't seen the show*. But Chase came around last year and we all fell in love with his ability and skill and performances then once he got a taste of that he's just slowly but surely gotten more and more unlikeable. JuJu has been sidelined most of the year but I'd say after tonight not only is Chase disliked amongst Steelers folks, but a national audience got to see him act pull stupid shit like that celebration tonight. Not great. 

And I get it. He's young. He's a millionaire. He's got what most 21-25 year old American males would kill for. It's gotta be tough for him to adjust to all this fame and stardom that his rookie rise brought him. Hopefully he can look himself in the mirror and do some growing from this season and tonight. He's got too much ability to waste away with nonsense like this.