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Absolutely Love Iowa State Immediately Trolling Jordan Bohannon After They Beat The Hell Out Of Iowa Last Night

Just a reminder, this is why Iowa State tweeted that: 

This was back in 2019 when everyone thought Bohannon played his last game at Iowa State. Then you know, that whole pandemic thing happened and Bohannon got another free year. Well, fast forward to last night: 

Yep, an ass kicking. I know Jordan Bohannon is one of our guys at Barstool, so sorry man. This is awesome. This is what a rivalry is all about. Boahnnon talked his shit two years ago and last night Iowa State did theirs. I wish everyone on Iowa State had something like this lined up. Shit, instead of TJ Otzelberger crying in the press conference and I wish he showed up wearing a 'thanks for the memz' t-shirt. 

What a start for Iowa State. They already caught Xavier, Memphis, Iowa and Creighton. They are undefeated after being picked last in the Big 12. More importantly Hilton is rocking, which is one of the best home courts in America. Legit on my bucket list to see a game there. 

But this is about talking shit in general. We need more of it in sports. It's why I get so annoyed every time a ref gives a technical (or throws a flag) for a little shit talking in a heated game. Stripes gotta realize at some point no one and I mean no one gives a shit about them. Their family doesn't give a shit about them. We want to see players play the sport. I want this sort of thing to happen with every rivalry. Embrace shit talking.