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NCAA WEIGHS IN: Kenny Pickett Fake Slide Illegal

The NCAA bans fake slide made famous by Kenny Pickett

They justify it by saying the beginning sliding motion signals the defense to let up, thus beginning one even without getting a knee down would consider the play dead. This is because players who get hit while sliding (not with their knee down yet) can still get late hit calls...

But besides the obvious, if they didn't, so many QBs would get their heads taken off by the end of the season.

Imagine the weekends of carnage we could see if they didn’t put this in place. Any QB sliding would be open season. QBs would be defenseless in the open field. The fetal position would replace the slide. The confusion could cause countless injuries and penalties by the end of the season. That’s just the kind of player Kenny Pickett is, his play breaks the game.

Btw I know Kenny’s hand size recently came out at 8.25 inches but the hand size argument is due to grip ability. Kenny rocking a glove makes up for this factor. Bridgewater and Payton made it work he can also. The glove may be compensating, but definitely still effective.