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How Did We Get To A World With All These Loose Women?

Some guy just wanted a creative way to refer to single, unmarried, women back in 1598 and 400 years later we have a term use that basically just means you're a slut. Tough break. People think its about vaginas getting stretched from too much dick, but all it was supposed to mean is that you're not bound by a legal document to a man. That phrase should be borderline canceled at this point. It is slut shaming. Which is another word that should probably be eliminated. Even just saying the word "slut shame" is slut shaming. You're saying yeah she's a slut, but's okay. Let her just be a slut. Don't shame her for going through a ton of dick and being a GIANT slut. Anyways, if someone calls you a loose woman, just know that all they're saying is that you're single. That maybe you don't need no man and you're comfortable with your loose morals and loose vagina and being a slut. Or whatever. 

If you have suggestions for these let me know.