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#RnR16 PlayBarstool Breakdown Of Jersey Jerry VS Jeff Nadu, 520 lb VS 410 lb Monsters, Title Belt Rematches And More Coming Friday Night

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One of the most viral fighters we've ever seen returns for revenge and RESPECT on Friday night. CRAZY BYRD took the internet by storm with his promos for RnR 15 and this time has been no different. He may not have brought his chainsaw but the shadow boxing skills are on point and he's got real redemption on his mind. 

He's matched up against THE PLUMMER who's close friends with the guy that beat CB last time around, but he doesn't have the same height advantage or energy to equal that brawler. After the weigh-ins at RnR 15 I ended up talking to Mr. Byrd about his background and fight experience and he revealed his dad was a big time fighter around West Virginia. Not sure whether it was sanctioned or not, but brawling is in his blood. Long story short, if you're not rooting for a Crazy Byrd victory then fuck you. 

Prediction: CRAZY BYRD in 3 rounds by decision 

SHIZZAT DA RIZZAT vs SCARFACE for Lightweight Title

Few fighters have made an impact the way SHIZZAT THE RIZZAT has. He's been with us since RnR 1 and immediately stole the show at RnR 2 with his mouthguard flying KO. He followed that up with some intense matchups against our very best, including his vicious KO on I EAT ASS at RnR 13. He's The People's Champion for a reason…

But SCARFACE is no slouch either with an (18-1) record. He may not have the highlight reel victories but he's been doing this RnR thing for a long long time. Winning matchups since it was a 2 day tournament and he's an absolute legend around Charleston, WV. It won't be easy to win back the Lightweight Title but if anyone can do it in a hostile away game like this, it's King Shizz. 

Prediction: SHIZZAT DA RIZZAT in 3 rounds by KO


HEAVIEST FIGHT IN WORLD HISTORY ALERT!!! We've had VITO THE TORPEDO fight some big boys before, he fought a fellow 400lber at RnR 1, but never someone of this size. He is coming off a loss against Super Heavyweight champ KUNTRY HOODLUM, but he still has the experience of an iron ox with the calmest demeanor you'll ever see from a big man. 

Meanwhile SLAP FOR CASH has been getting the shit slapped out of him on the internet for years, including from Logan Paul, so he does know something about how to handle the bright lights of combat sports. But has he ever faced a country boy GOLIATH like Vito? That remains to be seen. This isn't the last fight of the night so hopefully whatever happens, the ring doesn't collapse first.

Prediction: VITO THE TORPEDO in 2 rounds by KO

HOT WHEELZ vs CHERRY BOMB for Women's Title

To say these 2 warriors put on a legendary all-time show at RnR 15 would be a MASSIVE understatement. Many have called it the greatest boxing match they've ever witnessed, and I honestly don't see where that statement is wrong. Endless strikes, nonstop pulverizing punches, no regard for human life. That's HOT WHEELZ vs CHERRY BOMB in a nutshell…

Nearly an impossible matchup to predict though. On one side you have (4-0) CHERRY BOMB who's beaten up all shapes and sizes, holds world records for powerlifting, knows how to herd cattle, loves guns & katanas. On the other side is (1-1) HOT WHEELZ who may not have the pure experience, but she's greatly accelerated her skill set over the past year and also left RnR 15 with an Everest sized chip on her shoulder. Judging from her endless training videos on IG + all that increased bulk, she's guaranteed to be coming for blood on Friday night. Can't wait to see the chaos unfold. 

Prediction: HOT WHEELZ in 3 rounds by KO


What started as a seemingly harmless Twitter exchange quickly turned into real bad blood fast and now the ultimate battle for RESPECT is now upon us. This week Dave Portnoy said JERSEY JERRY is a prohibitive (-700) favorite heading into RnR 16 and I'll never argue with him on anything. But I do think there may be more than meets the eye with JEFF NADU

No one expected him to show up to Cyber Monday and he ended up walking out completely dry. No one expected him to even show up in West Virginia and he was already there by Wednesday. There's been a quiet confidence about him during this entire promo run and who knows, maybe he does have some tricks up his sleeve. Stamina is gonna be the biggest question mark here and that may be an equal advantage to both fighters. Only 1 thing is for sure. It was ALWAYS Jersey Jerry walking out of Charleston, WV a champion. 

Prediction: JERSEY JERRY in 2 rounds by KO