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WATCH: This Couple's Completely Rational Response to McDonald's Being Out of Splenda Somehow Landed Them in Jail

If you watched that video and think this couple may have overreacted, allow me to explain why they had such an over-the-top response. Perhaps it was justified.

FOX 5 Atlanta — Deputies have arrested two people accused of being involved in a fight at a Locust Grove McDonald's in November that went viral online.

Officials say the incident happened on the night of Nov. 23 at the McDonald's on the 4800 block of Bill Gardner Parkway in Locust Grove.

According to investigators, Marshall Wallace and Crystal Wallace were told they would have to go inside the fast food restaurant to get a packet of Splenda.

Ah, ok. So definitely not, then. McDonald's wasn't even out of Splenda, they were just going to have to go inside to get it for whatever reason. I now feel confident in calling the assault, battery and destruction of a McDonald's featured in the video an overreaction.

You know what, though? This entire situation could have been avoided if these crazy assholes weren't drinking unsweet tea. You can say whatever you want about that entire fiasco, but it does not happen if those lunatics just order sweet tea like any self-respecting Southerner. I personally find all tea to be disgusting, but if I were going to order it, I wouldn't dare disrespect my heritage and order unsweet tea — just to then put sweetener in it. You'll be ok with a little sugar, I promise.

The moral of this entire thing is that only assholes drink unsweet tea. If you're an unsweet drinker, this is who you have representing you. I hope you're proud.