Max Pacioretty Unloaded A Vicious Cheap Shot On Biz Last Night On The TNT Broadcast

Oh yeah suuuuuuure, Max. If you "didn't mean it like that" then I've got an "accidental" slewfoot from PK Subban to sell you. 

Patches knew exactly what he was doing here. You could see the smirk on his face as he got that one off. Maybe he didn't consciously try to bury Biz with this chirp. But he knew. The moment he heard the word "bench" come out of his mouth in that question, it was time to take a shot to the back of the knees. 

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Gutless. Hilarious, but gutless. 

Here comes big time journo Paul Bissonnette trying to ask a legitimate question. Trying to get into the mind of a top level player like Max Pacioretty so the people watching at home can get an idea of the momentum shift that occurs after Seguin misses this wide open net. 

A valid question about a huge moment in the game. And what does he get in return?

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We've always said we want hockey players to be able to show more personality during interviews. But at what cost? At what point do we finally say the price is just too steep to pay?