This Video Of Babe Ruth Proves That He Wouldn't Be Able To Do A Damn Thing In Today's Game

One of the more spirited debates in sports history may have just come to a close with this colored footage of Babe Ruth coming to light. While it is an awesome video because we don't really have that much footage of the Great Bambino but this is some pretty clear video of him. But it proves one thing and one thing only, Babe Ruth wouldn't make it past AA in today's game. He'd be lucky to sniff the bigs for September call ups. He's falling out of the box like he's terrified of the ball. He's trying to do the Ichiro swing where he's out of the box before he makes contact but it doesn't work for a guy of Babe's stature. I will say it's impressive that we got a full 4-pitch at-bat in right about 30 seconds, but other than that he looks AWFUL. 

He's in and out of there in a flash, probably had a hot date with a hotdog. He's not even close to making contact either, he's ready to spin himself into the ground. Find me the worst starter in the MLB last year (probably an Oriole) and I guarantee you he'd K Babe. I mean he looks like Chris Davis up there. Strike looking, strike swinging, ball, strike 3 swinging. I think if Babe Ruth plays 30 years later than he did he'd be a NOBODY. If he looks like this against 80 MPH pitching, he wouldn't make it long in today's game. He's basically Tim Tebow. All those home runs are great, I get it, but how can he look SO BAD against this guy? And again, while the video is awesome to see because it's so rare, it may have been better for the Ruth camp if this video didn't come out. So here you have it, the proof that Babe Ruth would have been a AA bus rider if he played anytime after 1970.