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The Biggest Hit In Hockey This Year Was This Blimp Absolutely Bundling An Ice Crew Worker Into The Net

If there's one thing you can say about hockey refs, it's that they're consistent. CONSISTENTLY BAD, amirite??? How many times this year have we seen a hit that should clearly result in a penalty not even get called by the refs on the ice, but later receive a suspension from the DoPS? A lot of times. That's how many. Alottavem. 

This is textbook charging at best. According to NHL Rule 42, charging is assessed as a result of distance traveled by a player to violently check an opponent in any matter. Could be into the boards, could be in open ice, doesn't matter. 

Look at where this blimp first locks onto its target. Damn thing is at the red line. NHL rinks are 200 ft long. I guess there's about 10 or 11 feet from the goal line to the end of the boards. So you figure this blimp travels at least 85-90 feet before delivering this check into the net. The ref, at his discretion, can either call a minor, a major, or a match penalty based on the severity of the hit. A match penalty may be assessed if the player attempted to or deliberately injured his opponent by charging. 

The fact that the goal light went off after the hit leads me to believe this was pretty dang deliberate. 

Poor bastard just got dummied into Bolivian and he's got the goal light blasting off in his face to add insult to injury. I mean great timing by the goal horn operator. But to me, that has in-person hearing with the Department of Player Safety written all over it. 

And if that doesn't end up being the hardest hit in hockey this season, it's because Jacob Trouba is trying his damndest to go full Scott Stevens this year. 

Two straight nights with huge hits out of Trouba. Two straight Gordie Howe Hatty's. First guy to do that since the 70s. Olde Time Hockey is officially back. 

That is such a kick ass stat to be a part of for Trouba. What a monster.