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Former Patriot O-Lineman Explains How Mac Jones Got the Idea to Wear a Scuba Suit in Cold Weather from Tom Brady

Rich Ohrnberger, for you kids out there too young to remember the middle part of the Belichick Dynasty (so far), that span of years between the dual sets of three championships when the Patriots only went to five AFC championship games and two Super Bowls, was a guard they drafted out of Penn State. And in his two seasons of pulling on G-lead blocks for Lawrence Maroney and BenJarvus Green-Ellis, and protecting the middle of the pocket, learned a few things from Tom Brady. 

But it should be lost on no one that he was also in New England during Brian Hoyer's first two seasons as well. So he was able to witness first hand how wisdom is passed down at One Patriots Place, from generation to generation. Those precious bits of knowledge that become part of the oral history of a team. The way old recipes, homeopathic remedies and home improvement tips do in families. 

And in this family, it would appear that Hoyer is the dad to Mac Jones, passing along these wise life lessons he learned from his football dad, Brady. And now a third generation is receiving the inheritance. What a kid of Jones' age would call a Life Hack, but which Grandpa Tom would just called good old fashioned know-how. Clever, common sense solutions he taught himself out of trial and error when he was just learning how to survive back during the lean years when everyone had to do without. And when scuba gear was just coming into vogue in NFL circles:

This is why every organization needs a Brian Hoyer. One of those older folks with the years of experience who's been paying attention all this time. He's like the sergeant in every war movie who's seen it all in battle and knows what all you green recruits need to do to stay alive and make it back to stateside. That Native guide who teaches the tinhorn how to survive in the harsh wilderness because they are at one with the land. He's the veteran cop teaching the hotshot rookie how you can't always go by the book. 

It's especially important when the recruit/tinhorn/rookie is from Jacksonville by way of Tuscaloosa and never seen the conditions he faced Monday:

… never mind threw a football in them. Technically, he's still barely thrown a football in them. But he's better equipped to as long as he keeps falling back on the two decades of institutional knowledge that's been passed down to him like a birthright. As we get back to our accustomed place of playing in nasty, brutal, inclement weather in late January, he'll be better off than whatever warm weather/dome QB comes to town. Because he's already learned Brady's trick. It's all about the scuba.