Was The Best Part Of Today's Cowboys Game Their Season Ending On A QB Draw, All Of Their Sad Fans Being Shown On TV, Or Their Stadium Being Outed As A Rich Man's Tropicana Field?

Live look at the other 31 NFL fanbases

Answer: D. All Of The Above. I thought the Giants QB Sneaking it on 3rd & 9 from their own 4 would be the most talked about QB Sneak of the year, but that just ended Joe Judge's time as Giants coach, not a team's entire season. Cowboys fans acting like they witnessed a murder with 4+ minutes still left in a one possession game was next level crazy. And seeing someone FINALLY hit that scoreboard during a big game after it was all people talked about the first few years of Jerry's World along with the sun completely buttfucking the Boys in their billion dollar monstrosity was simply magnificent. Also no disrespect to The Trop, which actually hosted championship games for its own team twice, including last year. At least Dak won the NVP!

The only bummer in all this is that I'm pretty sure I just scooped the entire NFL Insider world with this tweet, which really sucks for the other three NFC East fanbases.

At least Nickelodeon took one last shot at Mike McCarthy on his way out the door.

If you are a parent with young kids who don't love football, you aren't doing life right unless you watch the Nick playoff games while overselling every single joke and slime shot. One of the few truths in life is that brainwashing works

Anyway, I had to write this blog not because I wanted to as a salty Giants fan but because there was wayyyyyy too much preposterous shit that happened in this game for it not to be blogged and Barstool was built on the misery of other fans (mostly KFC's misery in the early days). Plus misery loves company and trust me, there has been no fanbase more miserable than the Giants fanbase the last five years. So welcome to The Suck Cowboys (and Eagles fans). Let's go Bills!