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I'm Gonna Go Out On A Limb & Say The Cops Surrounding Your Tinder Date's House Is A Red Flag

Well, well, WELL. I am going to go out on quite the limb here and say showing up at your tinder date's house only for it to be surrounded by cops is ABSOLUTELY not what you want when you're going on a tinder date. Now I can assure you I'm no dating afficianado as, if we're being honest, I've always had a massive lack of likes so I'm definitely gotten off them in the past few years, but I've always found Tinder to already be the sketchiest one of the big 3 including Bumble & Hinge. Bumble at least had teh verification badge back in the day and everyone I know loves Hinge, but tinder? Tinder! That application was very, very scary- I wholeheartedly recall quite a few fake accounts on there trying to scam people, etc.

So that's the first red flag already was that this was a tinder date and on top of that you show up to this guy's house as the COPS ARE SURROUNDING IT? I would be home and blocking that fella so ridiculously quickly you'd think I'd be offered to be the next Avenger. Luckily (well not luckily because the fella upstairs seems to have passed out) it turned out to be alright for this lady's date as he heroically spider-man climbed up to save his upstairs resident and everything was all good.

Looks like I wonderful happily ever after story if you ask me.