Rivalry Week: New UC Head Coach Wes Miller Wasted No Time Trolling Xavier Fans During A Press Conference

There are a couple things I've learned about this rivalry since living in this city for the last 11+ years. First, these fan bases love trolling each other about old shit. It's always and I mean ALWAYS Xavier never made a Final Four and X fans telling UC fans they weren't alive to remember their success. If it's not that it's Xavier fans talking about how they just keep beating UC. But the real thing UC does that drives Xavier fans crazy is bring up how their campus is in Norwood and mispronounce Xavier. That's what makes Wes Miller here the perfect press conference quote. 

Sure, Wes might be from North Carolina and just started coaching Cincinnati but clearly someone got in his ear. Frankly, good. I want rivalries to be like this. I want coaches to make little digs like this that will drive an entire fanbase crazy. Cincinnati's head coach should be hated from Xavier fans and vice versa. 

Make no mistake about it, these two fanbases HATE each other. It's beautiful. It's a lock for the third best rivalry in the sport too. I'm sure Travis Steele will just shake it off because that's his personality, but I'm praying that he says something like this just to make a dig about UC. Now your obligatory fight video. 

Saturday night is going to be awesome.