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A Rare Reblog: We Need Finland's Smokeshow Prime Minister Who Went Clubbing til 4am as Our Next President

[Author's Note: Carl got this posted while I was still working on mine. In blogger school they taught us never to worry about a re-post. Some topics deserve the extra attention. So here's mine. I apologize for nothing.]

Finland might be one of those vaguely obscure Scandinavian countries you only think about when you're watching the Winter Olympics or Miss Universe or that one scene where it gets a mention in "Die Hard," but never let it be said that it is not one of the leading democracies in all the world. Progressive. Forward thinking. A bastion of equality and opportunity. 

To that point, meet Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin. This rising star on the international stage is a few days away from her 36th birthday. She took office last year, in the very depths of the pandemic crisis. And with her steady hand on the wheel, she has guided her nation's ship of state through the treacherous waters with the gravitas of a much more experienced political leader. 

I won't begin to pretend I understand the inner workings of the Finnish government or what sort of ideological and socio-economic issues they are dealing with over there. Nor can I claim to have a grasp on Prime Minister Marin's political leanings. What I do know is that, whatever she stands for in terms of her policies, based on this one thing I do know about her, she can run my country any time:

Source - Finland's Prime Minister Sanna Marin has apologised for going clubbing after coming into close contact with a Covid-19 case.

Sanna Marin went on a night out in Helsinki on Saturday, hours after her foreign minister had tested positive.

She was initially told she did not need to isolate because she had been fully vaccinated, but later missed a text that advised her to do so.

Critics questioned her judgement for not isolating until testing negative.

The Social Democratic prime minister, 36, said the text message that advised her to avoid social contact was sent to her work phone, which she had left at home.

When she saw the text on Sunday, she urgently sought a Covid test and the result came back negative. ...

Ms Marin has faced criticism since a gossip magazine published photos of the prime minister attending a Helsinki nightclub with friends on Saturday.

The Seiska magazine said it spoke to witnesses who saw her dancing at the Butchers club, where she stayed until 04:00.

On behalf of PM Marin's allies across the Atlantic, my message to her critics is however they say STFU in Finnish. I think I speak for a large segment of Americans disgruntled with our own government when I say we could use a lot less of doddering old men of questionable health in their 70s running this once great nation, and more bright, competent, smoking hot women willing to dance their asses off until 4:00 in the morning. 

Nothing will help you blow off steam after a day of cabinet meetings, diplomatic phone calls, speeches, and trying to push bills through the legislature than ripping it up on a dance floor until all hours. And there is no better way to be ready and refreshed to take on new initiatives than being off your goddamned phone, present in the moment, and having a fun night out. 

If we could amend the Constitution to allow someone born on foreign soil to be our President, I would. Just for the sole purpose of putting this firecracker behind the Resolute Desk. We need a President Sanna Marin now more than ever. Putin wouldn't stand a chance against her.