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I'm Legitimately Worried 410lb Vito + 520lb 'Slap For Cash' May Make Our Ring Collapse Like The Big Show

I'm guessing this fight won't be the last on Friday night with Jerry vs Nadu being the main event....but maybe it should be? Because it's not just the heaviest matchup in our RnR history, I'm 99% sure it's the heaviest sanctioned fight in WORLD HISTORY - and as Vito The Torpedo says, "He's a BIG fellaaa..."

He's not even the biggest one in the fight either! But I'm sure everything will be fine though. It's just a 3 round boxing match, not like we've ever seen some psychopath pull out a spinebuster in the middle of a OH NO!!!

Giphy Images.

PRAY for the Rough N' Rowdy ring + commentary team on Friday night. Anything can happen at RnR 16 and likely will happen. My only hope is that if/when the ring collapses, one of them remembers this quote to make it all okay. God bless West Virginia. 

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