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Noted Kiss-Ass And Gigantic Loser Mark Emmert Thinks Being A University President Is The Hardest Job In America

Please everyone, let's take a moment to stand and applaud for university Presidents. Go to the closest college you live to, find the President and thank him or her. It's not every day you can thank someone who has the hardest job in America. It's not every day you can applaud them for their work. I almost, almost respect how outrageous this statement is and his ability to kiss people's ass who keep him employed. Not to mention that he was also a President at one point. Makes me want to write this blog about how blogging is the hardest job in America. Always gotta worry about getting a blog up. Gotta worry about headlines and pictures and typos. That's pressure. That's the hardest job in America. You go to sleep every night worried about missing something massive happening as you snooze for a few hours. I'd like to see a university President blog. 

And if that's not enough, we got these gems from Mark Emmert: 

Basically just a gigantic fart sound being played out of his mouth. It's impressive how he can contradict himself with people having resources they're going to pay them and still be worried about NIL. Uhh, it's the same thing dude. If the marketplace for athletes is a $100,000 deal and someone has resources to pay it, they are going to. I don't get why we go through this every time an NIL conversation is brought up. 

At least he said one smart thing. 

But this isn't about that. This is about Re2pecting university Presidents. I for one stand up and thank them. I challenge you to do the same. Nobody else in the world has it harder than them.