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Big Papi And Frank The Tank Are Officially Best Friends

The Rocket came into Barstool HQ HOT with his co-host David Ortiz and no one played it cooler while meeting the 10 time All-Star than Frank the Tank

No fumbling on the exchange, quick hey, then walk off with complete and total confidence that you are the baddest mother fucker on planet Earth. Papi had to be thrilled to meet the biggest, slowest, swinging dick in the Barstool locker room. You can't watch this video and not smile. Not to mention Frank went straight from this moment to being featured in a commercial. Everything is coming up Tank. 

P.S. No clue what Tommy Smokes is doing grabbing the water bottle (I'm sure Tommy doesn't know what he's doing), but when Papi said "sup, brother" I could feel another disaster like the Bryce Hall debacle of '21.