Safe To Say James Madison Students Went Damn Wild After Beating Virginia For The First Time Ever

Fucking awesome. This is the beauty of college sports. Even the Lions finally getting a win didn't send people into jubilation like this. First, shout out Tony Bennett for scheduling a game on the road with an in-state mid-major. It's cool to see even if I'm not going to scream about how it needs to happen more. Second, JMU students showed up. 

I'm enjoying people getting mad that people chanted 'fuck you Tony.' Simple, effective chant. Let Tony know how you feel. And the game, well, it happened. It was UGLY as shit. 

Yeah, welcome to Virginia basketball this year. I do want to take a moment and say the notion that this is who Virginia has been is just false. They were always good offensively, they just played slow as shit. They also had NBA talent with Ty Jerome, Kyle Guy, De'Andre Hunter, Justin Anderson, Malcolm Brogdon, etc. This year, well, uh, they have 5 players on the court. None are NBA guys. 

Meanwhile JMU beats Virginia and still can't play in their conference tournament because the CAA sucks. 

Gotta love not being able to send your BEST team to the NCAA Tournament and potentially make more money for your conference! Real smart, fellas! Kind of ridiculous but James Madison is likely going to have to run the table to even have a chance at an at-large. What a shot to help seal the game last night though. 

That's a quality court storm too. That place was packed. Good luck to any professor actually trying to teach something today. Zero chance kids are showing up nor should they. College is all about excuses to not go to classes. Have a week, Harrisonburg. Have a week.