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Let's Not Forget That The Ducks Have Been Running The Alley-Oop Play For Decades Now

Last night Trevor Zegras and Sonny Milano teamed up to break the internet with this insane fake Michigan alley-oop play. Not only did they break the internet, but I think they also broke Zegras' brain. 

Bill Wippert. Getty Images.

The reactions were priceless. The kid simply couldn't believe it worked and that he saved himself from having to get reamed out by coach the next time he got on the bench. It was an incredible goal that'll be a staple to every highlight tape for the rest of the season and the rest of both Trevor Zegras and Sonny Milano's careers. 

But let's not act like they were the first set of young American players on the Ducks to pull off an epic alley-oop. Let us never forget all of those who came before us. Primarily Dwayne "Cowboy" Robertson and Adam "Cake Eater" Banks at the '96 Junior Goodwill Games. 

Obviously it wasn't the same exact play coming from the neutral zone instead of behind the net. But the creativity to come up with the play, the skill to flip that puck perfectly in the right spot and the hand-eye coordination to knock it into the net. Just as dirty as it gets. 

By the way, we need to talk about something real quick. Because as big of a Gordon Bombay guy as I am, I don't know how you can justify the fact that he kept Averman in the lineup every game. I mean this dude STINKS. Just watch this goal from earlier in the clip above. It is quite possibly the worst 7 seconds of hockey you'll ever witness in your life. 

He skates directly in front of his own net. Proceeds to just coast through the slow. Turns the puck over for an easy 3v0 for Team Iceland. And then Goldberg makes matters worse diving uncontrollably out of position. But bottom line is that Averman was a total liability out there. Everybody knew it. Yet Bombay just kept giving him ice time. I get there's a chance his dad was probably a lawyer and maybe he had some dirt he was holding over Bombay's head to keep his son out there. But my god that is unacceptable.