Forget About The U, La Salle Basketball's Smoke Machine Is Now The Most Electric Thing In All Of College Sports

This is it, this is the final straw for The U. Forget all about the losses on the football field. Forget about irrelevancy, La Salle's smoke machine just took what they did best and dominated them. There was a time where you'd close your eyes and picture this when you heard smoke machine: 

Now welcome to the Thunder Dome: 

That gets you fired up. That's how you remember the good days of Tom Gola or the run with Tyrone Garland and the South Philly Floater. It distracts you from La Salle consistently being one of the worst teams in the A-10. You want asses in the seats, you bring out a smoke machine. You hear that 'woo.' You cant contain that excitement. People from Center City to Lancaster (not in Philly) will come flocking to La Salle now.