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The Ducks' Trevor Zegras Just Messed Around And Had The Filthiest Assist In Hockey History




Are you fucking kidding me? Trevor Zegras. You sick puppy. You absolute freak. 20-years-old and he's out here making the NHL look like a Sunday morning shinny session. I mean this kid has been toying with the league all season long so far. THE NATIONAL. And he's been making it look like a joke on a nightly basis. 

But this assist? This right here?

Good god. That's a bad, bad man. Granted, it's against the Buffalo Sabres. And granted, Rasmus Dahlin is on the ice so it's pretty much 5v4. But still. Not only is this kid as silky as they come, but he's as cocky/confident/creative as they come. He's going to be doing unreal shit like this for a long, long time. Sonny Milano is going to be rich as shit thanks to Z Baby. 

Sidenote: Reaction was priceless. 

Type of move you always think about pulling off but just never envision it actually working. God I love him.