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If You're Not Fired Up To Watch Hot Wheelz Beat The Brakes Off Cherry Bomb At Tonight's Rough n Rowdy Rematch Than You Got A Big Dump In Your Pants

If we're being honest with each other, it's really not a stretch to call this matchup The Fight Of The Century. 

I used to think it was Gatti v. Ward I, but then I saw these two slug it out and my mind changed.

Cherry Bomb v. Hot Wheelz Part I stole the show at RnR 15 and with how their smack talk has gone so far, no reason to think it won't be an even more brutal intensity tonight.

If Jeff Nadu's Mark Davis haircut didn't steal the spotlight, the talk of the weigh-ins yesterday would have been Cherry Bomb shoving Hot Wheelz... watch below

These chicks HATE each other. They throw nothing but bombs. Haymaker city. Zero defense. Zero tie-ups. Just a straight-up three-round slobber knocker. Worth the price of the entire fight package alone.

I have Hot Wheelz winning by KO in Round 3.