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I Got An All-Time Parking Spot Today

This is an absolute thing of beauty. The ground floor of this parking garage is for staff and electric cars only. I usually have to make my way up two to three levels, but today I had the good fortune of seeing the first eligible spot in the entire garage! Unreal! We're talking one flight of stairs to street level. I was so excited I just wanted to stare at it and tell all every passerby how great the spot was.

In this video you can see the stairs are right there. It's moments like this which give me great joy. Being that it's a Tuesday, it is a good start to Week 14! In case you haven't been following, I nailed three big parlays the past few days and will look to continue the momentum on Thursday with the Fantasy Football Factory Parlay which will have boosted odds in the Bet with Barstool section of the Barstool Sportsbook.

We recapped some of that success and went over some of the best pickups of the week in advance of the final week of most fantasy league's regular season on today's Fantasy Football Factory.