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Do NOT Watch This Former Hotel Worker's Tik Tok If You Love The Continental Breakfast

This is really, really, REALLY not what I needed today or really any day ever in recorded history. The continental breakfast is as much of a pastime of baseball or apple pie. I think red, white, and blue I think apple juice & a waffle at the Holiday Inn after a long night at the bar in some sort of small town. As beautiful as beautiful gets. And now I have to have the whole idea of that ruined for me on a brisk Tuesday afternoon in New York City? What the fuck! We didn't deserve this.

Now did I assume that the all the contents of the continental breakfast were the most pristine in the world? Of course I didn't. Much like I know when I enter a Subway sandwich establishment that the meat I'm ordering was not freshly carved that morning or as I'm getting burger that those fries didn't arrive straight from Idaho pre-consumption. But the main idea of it is the age-old phrase that is out of sight...out of mind. That's a phrase I absolutely live by when it comes to the culinary world. Does the food taste good? Great...that's all I care about.

The last thing I need is for the bad practices of said establishment to be brought to my attention especially on tik tok after I just logged in to scroll through some mindless videos. One second I'm watching some shitty comedy skit from a Nebraska comedian & the next thing I know my breakfast methods when on the road are ruined forever thanks to this tik tok. I mean at first I figured the guy she's talking about could just be the guy at the one location she worked at that used only paper towel all night to clean, but that waffle batter thing? The idea of letting that batter sit there until it's practically bad must be used at most hotels throughout the country. This is a sad, sad day. RIP to the continental breakfast.