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Reports: The Pacers Are Heading Towards A Rebuild And It's About Damn Time

Shams is reporting that the Pacers brass is finally, FINALLY on board for a rebuild with this team. Thank God. Kevin Pritchard has taken a lot of heat and will continue to do so as President of Basketball Ops, but the real issue here is with ownership. Herb Simon has refused to allow this team to be torn down completely to the point of starting over. 

He's too afraid that the Indy market would completely lose interest, but guess what Mr. Simon? We already have! Dead last in the NBA in attendance this year for a team that has familiar faces, guys who have been on playoff teams, and a head coach that brings the nostalgia back in all of us in Rick Carlisle. No one is showing. I, for one, and I know I'm not the only one, have grown so incredibly tired of basketball purgatory. To me, and a lot of other fans, being "competitive" and making the playoffs only to get bounced in the first round isn't a direction. It's a business model to try to keep you in the black until next season. It's chicken shit. 

That's what we have been dealing with since the Eastern Conference Finals teams of 2012-2014, but at least it's looking like those days are hopefully limited. Look, I like Myles Turner a lot. I like Domas Sabonis a lot. Caris LeVert is a very talented player. They all seem like really good dudes who want to win. But for whatever reason it is just not working here in Indiana. It's been proven not to work. And it seems like Mr. Simon is finally seeing at 87 years old that running it back with a squad to just kinda "be in the mix" isn't going to cut it anymore. 

Sometimes ya gotta get really brutally honest and ugly with yourself in order to find flaws to make you the best you. Time to tear it down.