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Jerry Jones Should Wear Underwear

"Well, I've watched them in everything that you have or without everything that you have on as far as dress is concerned," he told "Shan and RJ" on 105.3 The Fan.


Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones basically said he's watched games dressed to the nines or completely nude. Which aside from now having to picture that image- I have one small issue with. He should wear underwear. 

Now are you asking if I'm saying this because I'm grossed out, or the neighbors can see in, or he's old and more prone to falling down and cutting or bruising himself in places that shouldn't be cut or bruised ? Not really. What he does in his own home is his business. 

Morally, or logistically I guess is a better word- he should be wearing underwear for one reason. Couches can stick to your ass. How do I know this ? Because I enjoy no greater pleasure than watching games in comfortable clothes. It's the best. And honestly, if you are by yourself - why waste pants and a shirt ? Why not be comfortable ? 

I'll never forget one Saturday night no one in my family was home, #1 Memphis was playing #2 Tennessee in hoops at 8pm. I got a huge order of wings delivered sat in my drawers and watched the game. Bliss. 

I'm telling you , you need a buffer of fabric between you and the couch- especially leather or pleather couches and especially in the spring or summer months. The house gets a little hot, you sweat a little bit - you're basically stuck to that seat. Not good. 

So I respect the hell out of Jerry Jones basically being able to do whatever he wants, and enjoy the games as dressed up or as dressed down as he wants, my only advice- wear a pair of underwear -just trust me.