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All 6'6'' 420 lbs Of VITO THE TORPEDO Returns To Fight 6'1'' 520 lb SLAP FOR CASH On Friday Night

HEAVIEST FIGHT IN WORLD HISTORY coming this Friday night at Rough N' Rowdy 16. We have all-time RnR legend VITO THE TORPEDO + the power of West Virginia facing off against SLAP FOR CASH + his 1 million followers on Instagram. You might recognize him from that infamous Logan Paul video...

But slaps aren't gonna help him whatsoever against Vito. You simply cannot put a value on being COUNTRY STRONG like the ol Torpedo. And he's got the experience too, dominating our ring since way back at RnR 1...

Before this matchup we'll have a 4'2'' vs 4'5'' fight for the BMFD title and then the Women's Title rematch after that, with 25 amateur brawls overall. There really is something for everyone at this RnR 16 PPV along with the JERSEY JERRY vs JEFF NADU fight to close out Friday night. 

Don't forget there's 48 hour replay with all orders in case you can't watch live. And make sure to get your free entry in for our $25,000 Play Barstool contest before the main events start. Gonna be VERY tough picking how this matchup ends. BAH GAWD!

Order RnR 16 for 25 fights, 5 main events, ring girl contest, whole commentary team + Troopz and more on December 10th at 8 pm ET