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Michael Imperioli Drunkenly Throwing His Sopranos Emmy In The Trash Because His Wife Told Him To Is A Massive Simp Move

Yahoo! Entertainment- Michael Imperioli won the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in 2004 for his iconic role as Christopher Motlisanti on The Sopranos. But despite the honor, his statue ended up in a hotel room trash bin by the end of the night — or so he says on Rolling Stone‘s The First Time.

“We were up all night, because like I said, we won best show,” explains Imperioli. (The Sopranos also took home Outstanding Drama Series that year, a first for a cable show.) “By five in the morning, we were drunk out of our minds. My wife and I go back to our room. We get in bed, she says, ‘You know what, you won this Emmy, everybody you know, kissing your ass, gushing all over you. I’m not impressed.’ She said, ‘If you had any balls you’d take that statue and throw it in the garbage.’ I was pretty drunk, and I was like, ‘Fuck this thing,’ and I take the Emmy, throw it in the garbage. We go to bed, pass out until like noon. She wakes me up and is like, ‘Why don’t you call room service, get some coffee and some breakfast. I’m like, ‘OK.’ She goes, ‘Oh. Don’t forget to take your Emmy out of the garbage pail.'”

What a move from Imperioli on this one! Imagine that you're a lifelong actor working for years on end probably doing some off-broadway plays, a few lines in Goodfellas, commercials and the whole nine and then after all that you FINALLY win a literal Emmy Award for your work on the greatest television show of all-time. To get up on that stage and be handed that Emmy must be a once-in-a-lifetime feeling, huh? The only bad part has gotta be getting the music played in the background as you're trying to finish up your speech...outside of that FANTASTIC.

Now obviously that once-in-a-lifetime feeling is cool and all, but it must be even more fun once the show wins the best show Emmy as well and the cast gets to party the night away it's the 21st of September. You got your beautiful wife with you. You got your wonderful cast mates with you. You got a night of partying until 5am with you. All amazing things. And most importantly you got your Emmy with you that everyone's been hyping you up over all night!

Is throwing all that away because your wife said so at the end of the night a simp move? I say yes. Do I care though? Nope...not in the slightest. The simp in me is saying what's the point of winning an Emmy if your wife doesn't give a flying fuck about it? There is none. Us simps just wanna make our wives happy (I'm not married but I just know I'm a simp at heart) so if that means throwing your Emmy in the garbage the night of winning then so be it. Love it. Simp nation.