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The 'Home Alone Is NOT A Christmas Movie' Take Is The Dumbest, Most Incorrect Thing You'll See On Twitter Today

20th Century Fox. Shutterstock Images.

Thanks a lot, Josh Hart. All these times I talked about how much I enjoyed watching you at Nova are officially out the window. You throw out this take and now I have people arguing whether or not Home Alone is a Christmas movie on Twitter. It's the dumbest thing in the world. Of course Home Alone is a Christmas movie. Look at the big time movie boy himself. 

Basically took the words out of my mouth. The movie isn't just set around Christmas (twice). Every theme involved is because of Christmas. He has the heartwarming moment with Mr. Marley in a Church on Christmas Eve. That matters! The entire plot is because of Christmas. The Wet/Sticky Bandits decide to strike during Christmas because people are out of town. The entire plot is based around Christmas. He sees Joe Pesci in the window through an ornament. A scene that's vital to the movie! Shit in Home Alone 2 it's the same thing with him and the toy store because of Christmas. Everything in the movie matters because of Christmas. 

This is more the new standard though. You take something that 99% of people agree with and say you disagree or make an outlandish statement. This time it just happened to be Josh Hart, a professional basketball player doing it. People with a brain know Home Alone is a Christmas movie. It's never even been a debate before when the entire theme of Christmas. I hate giving attention to something like this, but I'm too big of a fan of Home Alone/Home Alone 2 to not write a blog. 

The one thing about Home Alone is Christmas is throughout the entire movie. They target the house because of Christmas. The family is traveling because of Christmas. The ornaments are used as weapons because of Christmas. The scene of the Church and Santa are all because of Christmas. There's not one thing you can point at and say it's not Christmas themed. If you remove Christmas it's an entire different movie. Sure, there still might be robbers, but the entire movie is a different theme. That's what matters when you debate Christmas movie or not. 

Long story short, don't say something this wrong. Home Alone and Home Alone 2 are Christmas movies. Not a debate, not an argument. Now let's watch Kevin roast the Wet/Sticky Bandits.