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Varsity Blues (FULL MOVIE)

We're about to step into the studio to record Tuesday's Red Line Radio so I figured I'd leave a master piece on the Chicago blog for the time being. Relevant because we're planted right in the heart of football season but also because we drafted teen movies this week. Yesterday we got into Friday Night Lights vs. Varsity Blues with a heavy majority favoring FNL, but a much MUCH louder minority behind Varsity Blues. Naturally I gravitate to underdogs but in this case I actually think it's a fair fight. I'm not taking Varsity Blues because there's value. I'm taking VB because I think they win straight up 9 times out of 10 but that's just me. 

Like I said yesterday, FNL just goes a little too heavy for me at times. It pushes boundaries I'm still not comfortable with, like moving on after high school and accepting heartbreaking defeat. I'm pretty terrible in both areas which makes FNL a tough watch. Again that's just me. They're both good movies. 

Only one has Paul Waker though. Keep that in mind when power ranking teen movies yourself. Paul Walker is a big differentiator. 

Go watch the draft: 

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