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Miami Introduced Mario Cristobal As Its New Head Coach By .... Giving Him The Smallest Kid's Jersey They Could Find

Come on, I thought there was no way this was real.I figured it was photoshopped so people could get the same joke off about how Miami couldn't afford a real jersey after hiring Cristobal. Nope. It's very real. Also great spin zone by trying to give it to one his sons. 

Yeah there's no way that's for his son considering he has two. They are both standing there. Pretty quick way to find out which one he sees as his football favorite. If they wanted to give a jersey to his son they'd have him on stage or make two. Nope. They just gave Mario Cristobal a kid's jersey and it's honestly hilarious. I can't say I've ever seen this before. Coaches always get jerseys at their introductory press conference, which makes me think even more that every coach should be like baseball. They should have to wear full uniform. I want to see Andy Reid in shoulder pads and a helmet calling a game. I want to see Thibs wearing a shooting sleeve as he figures out the rotation. It'd be worth it for the content alone. 

But really this is about one thing. Mario Cristobal needs to bring back the old Miami jerseys. 

Harry How. Getty Images.
Andy Lyons. Getty Images.


Those were iconic and more importantly when Miami was good. Shit, even go true old school. 

Focus On Sport. Getty Images.

I always had a soft spot for Miami. They were awesome to watch. They had the smoke and they have one of the coolest mascots in the game. 

Giphy Images.

The U is about swagger. It’s about breaking the rules. It’s Uncle Luke. It's about the smoke. College football is better when Miami is relevant. That's all I want for Mario Cristobal to do here. Gotta admit, I don't have high hopes after seeing the kid's jersey. You set the tone during an introductory press conference and this isn't it.