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The Most Important Chiclets Bump Ever Is Needed For The Isles, Frankie And All Of Long Island!

The Most Important Chiclets Bump Ever Is Needed For The Isles, Frankie And All Of Long Island!

The team that seemed to take over the playoffs last year as the blue-collar loveable Islanders have been downright awful. With this everyone is starting to pile on there is no love for this team.  So Chiclets nation, the New York Islanders need our help, they need the bump.  The team has a new building that I guess no one looked at a calendar to see when the season started that led to a cool 13 game road trip to start the season which is never easy.  Then Covid reared its ugly head and ravaged through the team and also added in a few key injuries. The NHL made them play a couple of games with a minor league roster and then finally canceled a couple of games to get healthy.  Coming back from their break has not been great either. 3 games vs non-playoff teams and 3 overtime losses. But this is Whit’s pick for a Cup winner, is the Mush real? I am not ready to commit to this call but Frankie Borrelli has purchased a voodoo doll and a whole lot of pins.

So this boost is to turn the team around for the sake of everyone involved and the team they face off with tonight is ripe for a beating.  The Isles have to get back to the style of play that makes them a tough out every night.  Rolling the lines and getting pucks deep to make life hell for the defense.  But more importantly, when a team is down, the stars have to carry them.  The Isles have a bonafide star in Matt Barzal. 

Barzal can score and when he is buzzing the Isles are tough to beat.  He has been getting chances but has not gone on a streak yet… so tonight he starts one.  Can we zoom in Biz to the locker room to get the boys jumping? I know a guy.  Let's go! Islanders bump, end Frankie’s misery for a day, get Borrelli's Restaurant rocking, and get Barzal streaking…

Isles to win and Barzal to record a point +175 is a tremendous value.  Go to Barstool Sportsbook and under Exclusives page and ride with the Chiclets' Crew.

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