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The Popeye's Kid From Vine Is Now a State Champion

This is a massive dub for everyone on the internet.

Remember the Popeye's kid from Vine? For those of you who may be a bit too young or too old, Vine was TikTok before TikTok where you had to actually be funny. It was great. And this young king became a meme from one of the most recognizable Vines of all-time.

The Popeye's Kid is actually Dieunerst Collin, who is now a New Jersey state champion after his East Orange Campus High School team completed a perfect season when it defeated Clifton in triple overtime on Sunday. The game featured quite a bit of controversy, though, as the final play of the game was a fumble returned 100 yards for the game-winning touchdown. You can watch for yourself and see what you think about the supposed strip and score.

Yeah, that quarterback was either in the end zone or down. The guy who ends up with the football rips it out standing two yards behind the goal line. But them's the breaks. And I'm completely in favor of the call now that I know it resulted in Collin winning a state championship.

This story does make me feel old as shit, though. The Popeye's Kid is supposed to be 10 years old in perpetuity in my mind. This was a demarkation of time I didn't need, even though it makes me very happy. Going from Popeye's Kid to state champion is the definition of the American Dream.

Congrats to Collin and the entire East Orange squad, which I am declaring America's High School Football Team. Every Vine user is a state champion today.