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The Lions Won Their First Game Of The Season Then A Detroit Rapper Made The Greatest Song Ever About The Win

Apologies to Eminem, Big Sean, or whoever your favorite Detroit rapper is. But Gmac Cash just wiped them off the map with the hardest bars to hit Motown since B Rabbit pulled a lyrical kamikaze on himself against Papa Doc and Tha Free World in the battle rap at the end of 8 Mile. 

To be honest, every song that doesn't have the lyrics "Jared Goff had 3 fucking touchdowns" is on notice now. It's not like Gmac Cash took his time to write this masterpiece either since it was uploaded onto YouTube the same day the Lions shocked the world. All he had to do was load up the finest work that Primo Beats had available and spit fire straight from his soul after that incredible ending. I personally would've appreciated a shout out for everyone's favorite Football Guy in Dan Campbell, but I imagine Gmac is saving that for the Lions winning the Super Bowl song. I'm so happy that Lions fans not only get to breathe a sigh of relief since their team has a W but also that they get to listen to this banger on loop for the rest of their lives.

P.S. Fuck Tha Free World today and forever

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