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New Mexico State Stomping All Over New Mexico's Logo After A Buzzer Beater Is What A Rivalry Is Supposed To Be Like

God I love this. I can't stress this enough, you are mad about this there are one of two things. 1) You're a New Mexico fan AND 2) you have a gigantic dump in your pants. Stomping on your rival's logo after hitting a pretty crazy buzzer beater is what you should do. It's a rivalry. It shouldn't be nice and polite. Fuck that. College sports are built on rivalries. It's about rubbing it in when you win. It's about doing shit to piss off the rival that may seem dumb. Stomping on a log does exactly that. 

This is especially true in college sports too. College sports is built on hating the NCAA and their dumbass rules while also having rivalries. It's a different sort of rivalry than what happens in the pro leagues. Somehow college rivalries feel more invested and more heated for whatever reason. It doesn't matter if it's New Mexico/New Mexico State, people are fucking heated about this move, which makes me like it more. I do like that these teams play a home-and-home too. Hell, it's been a weird series for these two considering the first game saw a power outage. 

What a ridiculous shot too. 

Sam Wasson. Getty Images.

Just give me this in sports. Give me teams not liking each other. Give me people willing to celebrate on the road. I'll always argue that hitting a game-winner on the road and shutting everyone up is a better feeling than at home and having everyone losing their mind. There's just something about that hushed silence and knowing you did it. Stomping on a logo is an A+ move too. It's so disrespectful and you know everyone is going to get pissed off. Give me more of this across all of college sports.