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Texas Southern Just Kicked Florida's Ass In One Of College Basketball's Biggest Upsets Ever

What in the living shit? Texas Southern was 0-7. They don't play a home game until January 10. They just went in and flat out kicked Florida's ass. Like it wasn't even close and the team who was better for 40 minutes won. That's ... rare when you're talking about upsets. Typically when something like this happens you see some crazy ending. Nope. this was an ass kicking. It was also one of the biggest upsets in college basketball history. Put it this way, UMBC wasn't catching as many points against Virginia as Texas Southern caught here. Sure, it's not as sexy as a name because it's a Monday in December and not March, but this upset is that shocking. 

The closest game Texas Southern had played so far was a 4 point loss to Air Force. Air Force fucking stinks. They are real bad. Basically what Texas Southern does every year is schedule all these games on the road, collects money as buy-games and it funds part of the athletic budget. 

The worst part about it all for Florida? People actually started to believe in them. They beat Ohio State and Florida State. They looked the part. Now they have this loss on a Monday where there's really only one notable college basketball game going on. Brutal. It was the same old, same old though. No offense, no creativity and people pissed at Mike White. 

I've said it before and I'll keep saying, this college basketball season is off the goddamn rails.