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It May Be Jake Fromm Time For Your New York Football Giants This Sunday!

Two quick things.

1. Every game that Daniel Jones misses is further proof that #TheCarpenterWasRight after tweeting this before any news of Jones' neck injury or Jake Fromm's signing broke.

I hope my little lamb plays again this season, preferably sooner than later. However as someone that had David Wilson on his favorite and fantasy team before a neck injury Thanos snapped him from existence out of the blue, I know that the neck is not a part of the body you mess with in a game where 1000 car accidents happen every game.

2. If you had told me four years ago that the Giants would be starting Jake Fromm in a game, I'd be over the moon excited and convinced he was drafted with the first pick like our savior Elisha Nelson Manning was once upon a time. Sure that excitement would've diminished tenfold every year afterwards to the point I wouldn't have even known Fromm was in the NFL earlier this season. But still, 2017 Clem would be stoked.  Even if there was a picture of Fromm in a Giants uniform to use as the thumbnail for this blog, I would still have used one of him in a Georgia jersey because that's the Jake Fromm I am wishing onto the Giants. 

If by some chance my sweet Daniel isn't coming back anytime soon, I'm all for doing the Madden strategy of signing all the cool names of college football past and seeing if they can make it as pros, albeit on a dog shit team. I know that never ever happens in in the NFL, but considering the Giants GM is already cooked and it's looking more and more likely the coach may be cooked too, what is there to lose? Nothing can be worse than the offense we watched yesterday and the unlimited amount of Jake Fromm State Farm jokes will make Twitter even more of a digital hellscape than it usually is. I'll pass on Tim Tebow since I had to live out that charade as a Mets fan for like 5 years but I'll take Sam McGuffie since I don't think he can possibly be worse than Saquon is right now.

Sidenote: This video being 14 years old makes me feel ancient

Unfortunately, based on everything we've seen from the Giants since 2012 and the implementation of the new taunting rule, it's clear that John Mara doesn't believe in winning or fun. So I guess we should just be happy that we get to imagine that this QB is going to show up in San Diego LA to play against Justin Herbert and the Chargers for the next six days.