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It's A Miracle Luka Garza Finally Graduated And Won't Haunt My Dreams Any More - Illinois vs. Iowa (LIVE BLOG)

Well here we go folks. I'm willing to officially declare this the first day of the college basketball season if it's already been going on a couple weeks. Everybody knows those don't really count except for the soft rims at Maui and whatever teams play at The Garden. College games at The Garden always count double regardless of the calendar. 

Tonight isn't at The Garden but Carver-Hawkeye isn't far when you talk local prestige. You know this place is going to be rocking and rightfully so. Illinois and Iowa have built up a nice little rivalry especially since Coach Underwood got to campus. On that front, it's hard to find two coaches that get more visibly pissed off than McCaffery and Underwood. You know they're just coaching the boys hard but that doesn't make it any less entertaining. Those guys are so good at getting fired up and sending a message from their baseline. Tonight should be an epic showdown in that respect. 

End of the day, it's nice knowing Luka Garza isn't taking the floor tonight. Even if Keegan Murray is basically the best player we've never heard of and Andre Curbelo is sitting with an upper body injury. The fact we don't need to guard a 7 footer from 25 feet away from the basket should be a nice change of pace. Kofi will ideally use the saved steps to put up 30 and 15 and I can finally get more than 4 hours of sleep. That would be a marvelous fucking accomplishment fellas. Help me out. 




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