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Philly Police Dog Puts A Dagger In The Flyers Season, Takes A Massive Dump Right On The Center Ice Logo

Aaaaaand that should just about do it. The 2021-22 Philadelphia Flyers are officially dead. Season is cuncelled. 

You know how dogs can just sense certain things? Like when they know that someone is just a shitty human and they bark at them? Well this is a trained member of the Philly Police K9 Unit. This isn't just some standard mutt who runs around pissing and shitting all over the house. This is a pup who knows a thing or two about a thing or two. And he knows that the Philadelphia Flyers are toast. They're done. They're kaput. 

Only issue is the dog still hasn't learned how to speak English yet. He doesn't work for a blog where he can just type out on his keyboard about how much he hates the Flyers and wishes they would just cease to exist. So he needs to express his opinion in the only way it'll be heard by the higher ups in management and ownership. By dropping a massive steaming turd right on the center ice logo. 

8 straight losses. Just fired their head coach. Completely wasted the prime of Claude Giroux's career. And now dogs are taking shits on the team's logo. Not sure how it could possibly get any worse from here, but I guess we'll find out tonight when the Flyers host the Colorado Avalanche.