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A Guy Decided To Delete A Tweet Of Zion Williamson Because So Many People Were Calling Zion Fat

So here's the picture in question: 

Uhhh yeah that doesn't look great! We're back in the fold of asking if Zion weighs too much to be successful in the NBA. It's the one thing that happened since he left Duke. Now, when he's on the court he's awesome. We can't deny that. The dude was unbelievable last year. This year? Well, he hasn't been on the court with this foot injury and keeps getting set back. 

But deleting a tweet? 

Come on man. People calling Zion isn't new. It's part of the social media game. Hell, there was a report the Pelicans - you know, the team that Zion plays for - was worried about his weight before the season. I don't see the Pelicans shutting down the season because of it. 

The rules are pretty simple. You take a picture of Zion, especially an unflattering one, you're going to get quote tweeted. No one is yelling at you. People are debating whether or not Zion is fat. It's a classic game where there's only one solution. Send him to the Knicks where he can get in shape. Thibs may run his knees into the ground, but think about all the running he'll do! That would help with weight. Plus he'd be around his good friend RJ Barrett. I see only positives with him going to the Knicks and that has nothing to do with being a Knicks fan. Just someone who is looking out for Zion.