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Woman Goes From 'Broke' Hotel Worker To Making Over $2.5 Million in a Year on Only Fans

Meet Mia Karina. She's the latest rags to riches Only Fans success story and I can do nothing but tip my cap. When life gives you an opportunity to escape from the real world you must jump on it and never look back. Mia left the hotel industry where she was making next to nothing alongside her now-husband. Flash forward to today and she's raking in £2.5 million in one year posting x-rated pictures online. Not a bad gig at all. 

When Mia Karina met her husband, she was a 'broke' hotel worker. Now she's a baller with a property empire and is raking in £2.5 million on OnlyFans. Alongside her husband Mia owns multiple properties, including a $330,000 holiday condo in Mexico that has three pools, a private gym and a 24-hour concierge.

Mia, who has seen incredible success on OnlyFans, has also started a property portfolio, with two houses in north west England that she rents out.

She is also building her parents a home back in South America, where they live a humble life working as teachers, and on top of everything else, she rents a £1.1 million home in the UK for herself and Marc. (source)

The article does say that this all came with a cost as she fears returning home and being targeted with her new wealth. A very legitimate fear considering she lives in South America. Her parents don't even know she's doing Only Fans and it's probably best that stays that way until they're safely out of the area. Last thing you want to do is have the entire town know what she's up to. Nightmare city. Crazy shit happens in those countries and you don't need to go down that path. 

I've got nothing, but applause and admiration for this young lady here. The one person I'm truly jealous of and completely resent is her husband. This fucking guy was working the same shitty pay hotel job she was and absolutely struck complete gold. Now with the money she's raking in they have a property portfolio and are gonna be set for life. That's the goddamn dream. Doesn't hurt being married to this person either I suppose. 

P.s. You know what this  made me think of? The hotel receptionist from The Hangover. Never has such little of a role left such a big space in my heart. 

Nathalie Fay is her name, I love her, and I'll never understand why she never had any roles in virtually any movies besides this one. Let's make a spin-off surrounding her character in The Hangover and have her get rich from quitting her job at Caesars and dominating OFs.