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Pop Punk Band Neck Deep Brings A Fan Up To Play Drums And He CRUSHES IT

(Song starts about a minute in)

I'll never get tired of seeing these kindsa videos, where a rock n' roll band brings a fan up on stage to play with them and they absolutely slay their performance. Neck Deep fan Marc Lyle is a perfect example of this here, CRUSHING the full band version of 'December' from 'Life's Not Out To Get You' - one of the best pop punk albums of the last twenty years.

I wish we coulda seen how he got brought up, because carrying a sign to a Neck Deep show saying you can drum has gotta take BALLS, as they're not necessarily the easiest songs to play along to!

Still tho, nobody beats Kiss Guy at the Foo Fighters show....

That's the all time best right there - he even made Dave Grohl forget the lyrics of his own song! Never gets old.

Listen to the original version of 'December' here:

Listen to the full band version of 'December' (featuring Mark Hoppus) here: