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Dallas Week When The Game Matters Is Why We Ride With The WFT Despite Dan Snyder's Existence


In terms of challenging seasons to cheer for the Washington Football Team, the first half of this season is up there as one of the worst stretches you can have as a fan. Terrible on the field, and somehow even worse off the field. The Sean Taylor debacle still pisses me off to no end, and made me feel about as bad about being a fan as I can remember. But the thing is- we root for the players, not the front office. We love watching players like Terry McLaurin develop into leaders and superstars. Watching guys like Antonio Gibson become bonafide studs. And of course watching Taylor Heinicke go from XFL backup to one of the most electric QBs in the league. Note: I didn't say best, but the guy plays like he's constantly putting an 8ball up his nose, and you can't ask for anything more than that from him. Just an absolute gamer in every sense of the word. 

And because of all of that, that's why this week is so fucking huge. Most Dallas weeks in recent years have been…I don't know the word- sad? Watching Dak dunk on us left and right has sucked. Makes my blood boil. All we want to do is murder the Cowboys every year, send them home screaming and crying, forcing organization-wide change (like the Caps did to the Rangers). When the Football Team is firing on all cylinders and the fans are fired up, Dallas week feels different. It matters more than anything. And this week it absolutely does.



The playoffs (for the 2nd straight year) are there for the taking. The remaining schedule goes Cowboys, Eagles, Cowboys, Eagles, Giants. The biggest hurdle in my opinion will be the depth- obviously the D-line is banged up with Sweat and Chase on the mend. The Oline has been bending but not breaking. And now Logan Thomas, who battled back from injury, is out for the year with ACL and MCL tears.



Not optimal, and I feel terrible for him. 

FedEx Field will be loud as hell on Sunday. Hopefullyyyyyy it'll be with WFT fans, but we all know the area is FULL of Cowboys fans, so I expect it to be closer to 50/50, as Cowboys fans have probably had these tickets for months now. That's fine though. We are better. Credit to Jack Del Rio- he has turned this defense around despite a ton of injuries and really bad early season schemes. It's been very impressive watching them become a tight unit and I hope they rip Dak, Zeke, Amari, and everyone else's heads off. I want a bloodbath. Carnage. Tears in the streets of Dallas (and PG County too, fucking Cowboys fans who have never step foot in the state of Texas). HTTWFT (BFDSF).