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Sugar Sean O'Malley Saying I'm A Good Enough Guy For His Girlfriend Is The Massive Confidence Boost I Needed

WELL...this was quite the interesting Sundae Conversation with the one and only Sugar Sean O'Malley. For some reason I was decked out in a full suit and bolo tie while Caleb & him riffed on topics ranging from having buddies to Jake Paul to the prospect of being in an open relationship. That caught this guy quite off guard since, frankly, I don't know many folks in full blown open relationships, ya know?

Nonetheless it's even MORE SCARY when you're sitting a mere few feet in front of that person as he's being asked if he'd be ok with his girlfriend doing Glenny Balls (me) if that's something she's interested in. I would go out on a limb and say that's something that's something she's not interested in, but let me tell ya it sure is scary when that's being asked to someone that could probably quite literally kill me within seconds with his bare hands. Either way that's a big confidence boost for the Glenny Balls brand, ya know? Being Sugar Sean-approved is MASSIVE.

That is the face of shock and fear on your boy's face so THANK YOU to Sean O'Malley for being so cool in that scenario. Sugar Sean by a BILLION (punches) this weekend at UFC 269!!!