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RIP To Kentucky Derby Winner Medina Spirit, Who Reportedly Died After Working Out At Santa Anita

I know we don't get a lot of horse racing death blogs, but this is legit huge news and awful. Remember Medina Spirit won* the Kentucky Derby this past year and immediately faced a possible DQ after a positive drug test. Now it's worth noting he hasn't been DQ'd yet and is still declared the winner. 

Now there's this report that he died suddenly after working out at Santa Anita. He'll have an autopsy but this is huge news in the sport of horse racing. It's especially huge with all the lawsuits going on with Bob Baffert and the positive drug test. There's no secret that this sport needs to be cleaned up. There is far too much cheating and drug use like this and it just kind of gets swept under the rug. 

Medina Spirit was a damn good horse, winning $3.5 million. Raced 10 times with 5 wins and 4 second places. Not too shabby. Obviously the Kentucky Derby win is the most notable and what's going to be discussed the most. All I know is I love this sport and just want to see it cleaned up. Get the drugs out of it and let's get back to racing. RIP to Medina Spirit.