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A Truck Carrying $20k Worth Of Gnocchi Has Been Stolen By The Smartest Thief In Australia

NY Post- That’s a lot of dough.

A refrigerated truck filled with $20,000 worth of freshly made gnocchi was stolen from outside an Australian restaurant Sunday night.

The carb-craving crook fled in the Toyota truck as a delivery driver was carrying box loads of pasta into the Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers restaurant in Brisbane at about midnight, the Daily Mail reported.

The haul of gnocchi had only just been made at the Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers’ nearby factory, the owner said.

Oh my God. Every little thing about this is just about as good as it gets (except for the obvious commitment of crime) in terms of comedy. The fact that there is a human out there, in Australia no less, that is willing & able to steal a truck filled with $20,000 worth of gnocchi in it is nothing short of amazing. And trust me I'm not saying it's a bad haul either- who wouldn't want $20k worth of gnocchi? I'd do some dirty things for $20k worth of gnocchi & I'm sure you would, too. Pappardelle? Maybe. Spaghetti? I guess so. But Gnocchi? 100%. I don't want to say I'm jealous...but I'm really jealous.

My only question is the resale value of said gnocchi. You jack a truck full of televisions that's not too difficult to turn over for a profit, but refrigerated gnocchi? That is a QUICK turnover time before that stuff goes bad. Maybe he's delivering to a rival restaurant at a discounted rate to try to get to get this Australian restaurants' method of their madness? I mean I would love the recipe from any chef that says something like this about his stolen gnocchi.

“It’s a shame for the gnocchi. I really feel sorry for the poor gnocchi. I know that sounds ridiculous but a lot of work went into making it,” one of the restaurant’s owners, Ben Cleary-Corradini, said.

Ben Cleary-Corradini CLEARLY as the gnocchi master of the land down under after a statement like that so I'm gonna say my theory is what's going on here. Basically this is their version of Mr. Slugworth albeit a hell of a lot less chocolatey. What an all-time news story...all thanks to stolen gnocchi.